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Baron väskor

We always thought it was a bit funny that there were bags named Baron. For ten generations our family has run the Adelswärd Barony, which is the only Barony in Sweden.

A childhood memory is seeing hunting guests arriving in the courtyard of the family manor house Adelsnäs. Elegant bags, rifle sleeves and gun cases were carried into the hall. Later on we noticed that some of the guests had bags named ”Baron”. Still, the bags had nothing to do with us, except for the name.

Baron was founded in 1978 with the ambition to create well designed bags, made to be used over and over again. It started out with leather briefcases and weekend bags, but soon came to include the canvas collection, with bags and cases specially made for hunting.

With one of us being a dedicated hunter and the other one within the fashion industry, we just had to get involved when the opportunity to take over the company presented itself. Today we run the company as a family business. Based on our experiences we continue to make great bags with timeless design and quality that will last for generations.

Jan Carl Adelswärd & Gustaf Adelswärd 

402003-F country tote grön canvas

Vi har en del försäljning via & på plats Bosjökloster Slott  20-60% rabatt (nya & utgående modeller)








Baron väskor i lager

Här hittar ni 2017 kollektion & priser: Baron Pris till slut kund 2017

Baron väskor allt från nya modeller till utgående till super priser. Sveriges stolthet Baron, med super kvalitet & fantastisk design. OBS Alla är självklart nya i kartong

Artikel nr Vara Pris Pris Baron
405102 BENDABLE SLEEVE Khaki Canvas 1000 1600
403502 SHORT RIFLE SLEEVE CANVAS Khaki Canvas 1600 2900
404402 ZIPPED RIFLE SLEEVE Khaki Canvas 1800 3600
400302 SIGHT COVER KHAKI CANVAS Khaki Canvas 400 1000
40602 SCOPE & MUZZLE COVER Khaki Canvas 250 750
 Shotgun Sleeve Eng L  Khaki  1800  2900
400702 COUNTRY BRIEFCASE KHAKI CANVAS Khaki Canvas 1700 2800
401002 TRAVEL BAG KHAKI CANVAS Khaki Canvas 2800 4500
401202 TRAVEL GUN BAG CANVAS Khaki Canvas 4500 5500
402502 BOOTHBAG CANVAS Khaki Canvas 1500 2500
401304 SHOTGUN SLEEVE SUEDE Brun Mocka 2500 3900
400304 SIGHT COVER BROWN SUEDE Brun Mocka 1000 1500
400704 COUNTRY BRIEFCASE BROWN SUEDE Brun Mocka 2500 4300
402904 WEEKEND BAG BROWN SUEDE Brun Mocka 4000 5000
400703 COUNTRY BRIEFCASE GREEN CANVAS Grön Canvas 1700 2800
400803 DUFFEL BAG LARGE GREEN CANVAS Grön Canvas 2208 4000
401003 TRAVEL BAG GREEN CANVAS Grön Canvas 3000 4500
406503 DUFFEL ON WHEELS SMALL GREEN CANVAS Grön Canvas 2500 4000
402003 COUNTRY TOTE GREEN CANVAS Grön Canvas 2000 2500
400103 HANGING TOILET BAG GREEN CANVAS Grön Canvas 1000 1200
 WEEKEND BAG  Grön Mocka  4500  5000
401305 SHOTGUN SLEEVE GREEN SUEDE Grön Mocka 3500 3900
401405 RIFLE SLEEVE GREEN SUEDE Grön Mocka 4000 4300
400505 SHOULDER BAG GREEN SUEDE Grön Mocka 3500 3800
404202 GAME SLING Läder 171 290


Baron väskor allt från nya modeller till utgående till super priser. Sveriges stolthet Baron, med super kvalitet & fantastisk design.

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